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frequently asked questions

What types of art do you sell at Studio 23?

We accept all different forms of art into our studio, and we don't discriminate based on media, reputation, or pricing of the art we sell. We do try to maintain a cohesive and mutually beneficial aesthetic within the studio, however, we are very open-minded and accepting to new and different ideas and creations. We give everything the consideration that it deserves and we respect art as a whole, not just what can sell.

Who makes the art at Studio 23?

Our makers are mostly local artists from all over the Shoals area, but we also feature work from makers who live outside of the Shoals. We have makers come in from places as far as Birmingham to showcase their work in our studio, and we won't turn you away just because you're not from the Shoals. We are very inclusive, and we would love to spice things up with more out of town artists so don't hesitate to put in your application.

How can I become a maker at Studio 23?

Becoming a maker is easy! There is a short and simple application process and once your application is approved you can come pick your space and move on in. We treat all of our makers equally whether you're in a smaller space or a large block. The Studio 23 family is constantly growing, and we invite all makers and artists to join us. For more information on becoming a Studio 23 maker take a look at the 'Booth Rentals' tab above.

How much does it cost to join Studio 23?

Each booth at Studio 23 is unique and different and tailored to the artists' specific needs. Booth pricing varies based on the type of booth you require and where the booth is located within the studio. We are very flexible about how you use your space and we welcome you to get creative with your presentation and decorations. For more information on booth pricing and space click on the 'Booth Rentals' tab above.

Additional Information

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us. We are always available to show you around the studio or discuss becoming a maker.  You can reach us through the info below.

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